Elena Kagan



Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was the first female dean of Harvard Law School (2003) and was nominated by President Obama to serve in the highest court in the land and was confirmed by the Senate in August of 2010.  She grew up in New York City and while her brothers became teachers like their mom she followed her father into law. She seemed destined to be a judge and was photographed in a robe and gavel before graduation. A girl who at 13 battled with her rabbi about her bat mitzvah, she negotiated her way into having a ceremony similar to that of her brothers. Elena seems at home with battling against tradition. She is only the 4th woman elected to the court of an all told number of 112 justices. Elena was nicknamed “Shorty” by Thurgood Marshall for whom she clerked and her 5 foot 3 inch stature surely didn’t slow her down. She advised President Clinton and was elected the 45th Solicitor General of the United States by the Obama Administration. Elena was never married and has no children. SCOTUS is dealing with some pretty flammable issues and will continue to do so. I believe we have a wonderful (s)hero and look forward to hearing more of her opinions.





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