Rosalind Franklin

Happy Birthday Rosalind


Rosalind Franklin

The Pioneer of DNA. Yeah that DNA. The kind with the double helix. The  kind we all attribute to our good traits and our bad. Rosalind was born today ninety-three years ago in London and received her degree from Cambridge in 1945. Franklin was in her time regarded by her peers as being incredibly secretive and even “bad tempered and arrogant” by James Watson. Something that her male colleagues probably never had to overcome. She was later given credit for establishing the basis for the double-helix although her life was cut short at the age of 37. My sister will be very upset if I admit that I don’t know all the details of the structure of the DNA molecule and all of it’s scientific importance. But, the fact that this lady was influential, and bull-headed enough to make a difference and receive no (really no) credit while her colleagues were…

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