Janis Ian

Maybe 20 years ago I went to a Janis Ian concert with my mom. We saw her sing in a small venue in Salt Lake City. I knew my mom loved her music and I knew the song “At Seventeen” but now that I’m older I understand much more clearly her lyrics of a struggling female musician in the early 70’s. My favorite song she wrote is called
Watercolors” which quite simply could be the most lyrically accurate love/hate song ever written.

Janis grew up in New York City and her parents were music teachers and she is an award winning singer-songwriter and she also enjoys writing science fiction. She has performed with and written songs for some of the most famous musicians. Nina Simone sang her song “Stars” at the Montreux music festival in 1976.  She divorced an abusive husband early on and is now married to her partner Patricia Snyder. They have one child and two grandchildren.

Bright Nights and Promises, Insansity Comes Quietly to the Structured Mind, so many others…In 2013 she received another Grammy for her Spoken Word Album, Society’s Child. 

She is also really relevant and funny: