Mae Jemison


I have a soft spot in my heart for dancers who become scientists, let alone Astronauts. Her mother told her in college “You can always be a dancer if you’re a doctor, but you can’t doctor if you’re a dancer” Sound advice – advice I didn’t follow when I was in college when I dumped Pre-Med for Modern Dance. All and all – she has NINE (9) honorary doctorates. That seems like 8 more than most. But, my sisters will tell you that I’m ridiculously uneducated with my one degree.

She went to Stanford at 16! And then Cornell for medical school. A professor at Cornell and Dartmouth, a leader of bio-tech and a friend of Michelle Obama. She was the first African-American women to go into space.  She is probably also the only astronaut that was in People Magazine as the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World (1993). She also appeared on Star Trek because she loved the show and Lavar Burton asked her to join the cast.  In 2001, she wrote her autobiography titled, “Find Where the Wind Goes” which is a beautiful title. She is involved with helping developing countries learn about science. The Earth We Share is a camp she started for teens to improve problem-solving skills.