Margaret Sanger

margaret sanger

Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood. 100 years ago she began the fight for woman’s reproductive rights. She was born into an Irish Catholic family whose mother had 22 pregnancies and 11 live births. She believed in planning pregnancies to avoid abortions. She spoke at rallies and events about Birth Control, a term she coined, and was arrested several times as speaking out about family planning was against the law.

A mother of two sons, Grant and Stuart, she was divorced twice.

She became a huge proponent  of birth control use to prevent abortions and unwanted pregnancies.  She looked at birth control as a free speech issue instead of a woman’s issue.

“No Gods, No Masters” was the slogan for her 8 page magazine about contraception The Woman Rebel which would probably serve us well in this day and age: 100 years later.  “Every woman should be the mistress of her body” Amen.


Today, the federal government made an historic move and dropped the case against Plan-B making it available for all girls. Hooray.  Thank you Obama Administration for relenting.  Thank you Margaret Sanger for having the foresight.

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