Ruth Fertel


Ruth Fertel was a divorced mother of two when she started Ruth’s Chris Steak House by convincing a bank to loan her the $22,000 she needed to buy the Chris Steak House in 1965. Ten years later she started franchising Ruth’s Chris Steak House (by far my favorite steak joint) and now there are over 120 restaurants all over the world.

I’m not sure if she is credited for the 500 degree plates with butter on them or the Ruth’s Chris Chopped Salad which is the world’s most wonderful salad. But, she realized she couldn’t support her kids through college on her alimony payments alone and created an empire by trusting her gut, working hard and daring to be great.

Also the National Women History Museum has compiled this list of awesome women entrepreneurs.

Ruth's Chris Steak House logo

Ruth’s Chris Steak House logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)