Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis

Photo credit: Eric Gay/AP

Wendy Davis is a Democratic State Senator from Ft. Worth, Texas who famously and courageously filibustered an anti-abortion bill last night.

Wendy celebrated her 50th birthday last month, has two children, Amber and Dru. A single-mother at 19, she went from a paralegal program to graduating first in her class at Texas Christian University and then attended Harvard Law School.  She talked for 13 hours last night which ended in roaring applause in the gallery, and from social media around the world.

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“The actions intended by our state’s leaders hurt Texas; they hurt Texas women and their families.  Their actions undermine the hard work and commitment of fair-minded, mainstream Texas families who want nothing more than to work hard, raise their children, stay healthy and be a productive part of the greatest state in our country.  These mainstream families embrace the challenge to create the greatest possible Texas, yet are pushed back and held down by the narrow and divisive interests driving our state’s leaders. ” From the Office of Senator Wendy Davis, June 25th, 2013