Louise Slaughter

Louise Slaughter

Louise voted against the 20-Week Abortion ban that was passed by the House today. Her vote was in the minority and the bill outlaws most abortions after 20 weeks. However, it’s unlikely to become law, it is a sounding board for Women’s Rights in 2013.  Louise is a Democratic Representative from New York and has been serving this country since 1987 as a Representative of the House of Congress. She won her 14th term election last November.

She achieved her degree in Microbiology despite coming from a rural coal mining town in Kentucky. She went on to achieve her Master’s Degree in Public Health. With her background in science she has written and supported many health related bills, but her self-proclaimed “greatest” is protecting an individuals rights (especially with healthcare) with The Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act of 2008.

“Forty years ago, the Supreme Court affirmed that women in America have the constitutional right to make their own health care decisions without the government getting involved,” Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) told reporters on Tuesday. “Today, instead of focusing on creating jobs and improving our economy, the House majority is once again playing doctor and trying to tell American women what they can and can’t do, despite what the Constitution tells them they can do. House Republicans need to abandon their war on women and start working on the issues Americans care about.” Louise Slaughter

Again, this mother of three daughters, Megan, Amy and Robin and grandmother of 7 stands up and says “Republicans need to abandon their war on women and start working on the issues Americans care about.”

She’s liberal. She’s progressive. And ok, she thinks women should be able to choose their own health decisions. This is a much larger issue that just a 20-week versus 27- week, versus ANTI- abortion policy. Most people (liberal and conservative) struggle with this issue. And some politicians take heed on the emotional turmoil of abortion and plead to constituents with their own ethical beliefs. Most of us believe that it’s a personal decision and it’s a persons right to choose. I just want women and doctors to be safe to make the decision that is safest for themselves. If we could educate people about adoption and fund other public services offered to people who can’t afford to care for their children then maybe we can have a logical debate. Until then, breeding happens.